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The Sylvia A. Thompson Trust will be offered at public auction on February 5, 2019, at 10:00 am. Sale will be conducted at the Roseville Community Center, located at 265 W. Penn Avenue, Roseville, IL.

Sale property is located six miles north of Roseville, IL on 130th Ave. (east of 67) and/or six miles south of Monmouth, IL.

A survey of this land has been conducted and the Thompson Trust measures 147.05 total acres, and will be offered as two tracts on the day of the auction. Tract #1 measures 68.47 acres and Tract #2 consists of 78.58 acres. The “Buyer’s Choice and Privilege” method of sale will be used on the date of sale, with the winning bidder having the right to select either tract or both tracts. Bidding will continue until both tracts have been selected.

Don’t miss an opportunity to bid on some of the most productive land in the state.

Auction Result: $11,900/surveyed acre

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