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Market data is current as of July 13th at 1:42pm

ProductCodeContractLastChangeChartOpenHighLowGlobex Vol
Corn FuturesZCZ0DEC 2020 DEC 2020335'6-9'0 Show Price Chart341'6342'0334'6186,378
Mini-Corn FuturesXCZ0DEC 2020335'5-9'1 Show Price Chart341'5341'5335'01,255
Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesZWU0SEP 2020 SEP 2020524'0-10'0 Show Price Chart528'0535'4522'275,642
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesXWU0SEP 2020523'5-10'3 Show Price Chart527'0535'2523'0481
Soybean FuturesZSX0NOV 2020 NOV 2020874'6-16'0 Show Price Chart885'0886'6871'4126,561
Mini Soybean FuturesXKX0NOV 2020876'0-14'6 Show Price Chart885'3886'3871'31,328
Soybean Meal FuturesZMZ0DEC 2020 DEC 2020291.5-8.6 Show Price Chart299.0299.0291.157,099
Soybean Oil FuturesZLZ0DEC 2020 DEC 202028.68-0.16 Show Price Chart28.7028.8928.4539,861
Oats FuturesZOZ0DEC 2020 DEC 2020264'6-12'4 Show Price Chart277'4277'4264'4596
Rough Rice FuturesZRU0SEP 2020 SEP 202012.000+0.060 Show Price Chart11.90012.07011.830465
KC HRW Wheat FuturesKEU0SEP 2020 SEP 2020449'0-3'0 Show Price Chart448'4457'4443'025,353
Mini-Sized KC HRW Wheat FuturesMKCN0JUL 2020-- Show Price Chart---0