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Market data is current as of May 23rd at 12:39pm

ProductCodeContractLastChangeChartOpenHighLowGlobex Vol
Corn FuturesZCN9JUL 2019 JUL 2019389'4-5'0 Show Price Chart394'6399'0387'4280,894
Mini-Corn FuturesXCN9JUL 2019389'2-5'2 Show Price Chart394'0399'0388'0683
Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesZWN9JUL 2019 JUL 2019471'4-1'2 Show Price Chart475'6485'4469'265,228
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesXWN9JUL 2019471'3-1'3 Show Price Chart472'1485'3471'0286
Soybean FuturesZSN9JUL 2019 JUL 2019822'4-6'0 Show Price Chart818'6834'0817'0100,159
Mini Soybean FuturesXKN9JUL 2019821'6-6'6 Show Price Chart819'0833'1817'5850
Soybean Meal FuturesZMN9JUL 2019 JUL 2019297.7-0.6 Show Price Chart296.3300.0295.536,059
Soybean Oil FuturesZLN9JUL 2019 JUL 201926.83-0.48 Show Price Chart26.9127.3126.8042,988
Oats FuturesZON9JUL 2019 JUL 2019309'4-0'6 Show Price Chart310'2319'6308'4490
Rough Rice FuturesZRN9JUL 2019 JUL 201911.595+0.260 Show Price Chart11.35011.63011.3451,520
KC HRW Wheat FuturesKEN9JUL 2019 JUL 2019427'2-5'0 Show Price Chart433'4439'2427'031,067
Mini-Sized KC HRW Wheat FuturesMKCN9JUL 2019-- Show Price Chart---0