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Market data is current as of November 22nd at 4:54am

ProductCodeContractLastChangeChartOpenHighLowGlobex Vol
Corn FuturesZCZ9DEC 2019 DEC 2019368'6+0'2 Show Price Chart368'0369'0368'05,150
Mini-Corn FuturesXCZ9DEC 2019368'6+0'2 Show Price Chart368'0368'6367'426
Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesZWH0MAR 2020 MAR 2020515'6+3'6 Show Price Chart512'0516'0511'25,773
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesXWH0MAR 2020515'6+3'6 Show Price Chart511'1515'6511'127
Soybean FuturesZSF0JAN 2020 JAN 2020900'4-0'4 Show Price Chart900'4902'0899'014,149
Mini Soybean FuturesXKF0JAN 2020900'4-0'4 Show Price Chart900'6901'7899'285
Soybean Meal FuturesZMF0JAN 2020 JAN 2020302.6-0.6 Show Price Chart303.1303.6302.54,625
Soybean Oil FuturesZLF0JAN 2020 JAN 202031.21+0.33 Show Price Chart30.8831.2130.8211,396
Oats FuturesZOH0MAR 2020 MAR 2020315'0-1'4 Show Price Chart316'6317'2315'061
Rough Rice FuturesZRF0JAN 2020 JAN 202012.235-0.010 Show Price Chart12.24012.24512.22021
KC HRW Wheat FuturesKEH0MAR 2020 MAR 2020431'6+3'2 Show Price Chart429'0432'0427'41,498
Mini-Sized KC HRW Wheat FuturesMKCZ9DEC 2019-- Show Price Chart---0