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Market data is current as of March 29th at 4:31am

ProductCodeContractLastChangeChartOpenHighLowGlobex Vol
Corn FuturesZCK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020346'0-2'6 Show Price Chart345'2350'0342'4102,199
Mini-Corn FuturesXCK0MAY 2020346'0-2'6 Show Price Chart348'1349'3342'31,088
Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesZWK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020572'6+3'6 Show Price Chart580'2587'0563'483,840
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesXWK0MAY 2020575'4+6'4 Show Price Chart580'7587'0563'61,227
Soybean FuturesZSK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020883'4+3'2 Show Price Chart880'6888'6875'274,273
Mini Soybean FuturesXKK0MAY 2020885'0+4'6 Show Price Chart881'4888'2875'41,328
Soybean Meal FuturesZMK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020323.4+0.5 Show Price Chart321.0328.1320.733,513
Soybean Oil FuturesZLK0MAY 2020 MAY 202026.96+0.46 Show Price Chart26.8526.9626.3347,771
Oats FuturesZOK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020265'6+4'6 Show Price Chart262'0269'6260'2239
Rough Rice FuturesZRK0MAY 2020 MAY 202013.970+0.200 Show Price Chart13.78014.09013.725394
KC HRW Wheat FuturesKEK0MAY 2020 MAY 2020488'6+1'4 Show Price Chart500'2505'0483'036,780
Mini-Sized KC HRW Wheat FuturesMKCK0MAY 2020-- Show Price Chart---0