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Market data is current as of January 18th at 8:18am

ProductCodeContractLastChangeChartOpenHighLowGlobex Vol
Corn FuturesZCH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019380'4+0'4 Show Price Chart380'2382'0378'217,962
Mini-Corn FuturesXCH9MAR 2019380'5+0'5 Show Price Chart379'4381'7378'235
Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesZWH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019520'4+2'6 Show Price Chart519'4522'6516'08,674
Mini-sized Chicago SRW Wheat FuturesXWH9MAR 2019520'0+2'2 Show Price Chart520'0522'0516'036
Soybean FuturesZSH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019912'2+4'4 Show Price Chart911'4914'2905'613,157
Mini Soybean FuturesXKH9MAR 2019912'0+4'2 Show Price Chart910'7913'5906'0149
Soybean Meal FuturesZMH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019314.3+2.1 Show Price Chart314.4315.1312.06,810
Soybean Oil FuturesZLH9MAR 2019 MAR 201928.86+0.09 Show Price Chart28.8628.9528.6610,171
Oats FuturesZOH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019297'0+1'2 Show Price Chart296'0297'6296'015
Rough Rice FuturesZRH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019-- Show Price Chart---0
Black Sea Wheat FuturesBSWH9MAR 2019-- Show Price Chart---0
KC HRW Wheat FuturesKEH9MAR 2019 MAR 2019507'6+3'6 Show Price Chart505'6509'0503'23,224
Mini-Sized KC HRW Wheat FuturesMKCH9MAR 2019-- Show Price Chart---0