Lease Analysis

With the rapid change in returns to farmland, leases need to be analyzed for risk and reward each and every year. We analyze your situation with your goals and objectives and develop a specific lease to meet your needs.

  • Cash Rent
  • Variable Cash Rent
  • Crop Share Lease
  • Crop Share Lease (with bonus)
  • Custom Farm Lease

Our leases are reviewed annually by attorneys that specialize in ag law.

Soil Conservation, Fertility and pH

Preserving and improving your soil is vital to long-term productivity and value.

  • Monitor soil fertility pH
  • Require fertilizer and limestone applications
  • Soil stewardship through monitoring farming practices

Government Farm Programs

Programs are complex and ever-changing. We keep abreast of these changes to maximize your benefits.


We work directly with the Trustee or Agent and are able to provide reports on your organization’s letterhead for you to forward to the beneficiaries of Trusts or clients.

  • Annual report
  • Quarterly statements
  • Budget
  • Planting report
  • Harvest report
  • Farm inspections
  • Special reports