We offer a complete package for selling or buying farmland or any other real estate assets our clients may own or desire.

Our Services

Sales - Because each farm is unique in its resources and location, our real estate professionals thoroughly research your farm and the market at the time. We then recommend a sales approach ranging from private sale to auction.

Auctions - We have a licensed auctioneer on staff and recommend auctions when they are best suited for the particular situation.

Purchases - Prospective buyers have their own unique needs. After listening to your goals and objectives, we apply what we’ve learned about you to our knowledge of the farmland real estate market to assist you in purchasing the right land to meet your needs.

Like-Kind Exchanges - Timing and market knowledge are critical. We have access to a vast network of rural real estate market information to meet your specific needs.

Marketing Your Property

We provide a comprehensive plan for maximum exposure when marketing your land, including:

Research - We thoroughly research your property and provide as much information to the buyer as is available including: location, FSA data, current lease, yield history, soil map and PI’s, fertility, real estate tax information, terms and title.

One-on-One Contact with Potential Buyers - We are active in farm real estate brokerage and maintain direct contact with investors.

Direct Mail

  • Brochure – contains complete information about the farm for sale, mailed to hundreds of potential buyers, and personally delivered to local ag establishments
  • Seasonal Newsletter – includes detailed information about the farms we have listed for sale

Website Listings - Each farm we broker is listed on our website, along with all of the pertinent information a buyer would need to make an informed decision.

“For Sale” Signage - We provide visible signage to ensure your property is noticeable to passersby.

Advertising - We advertise in local and regional newspapers on a regular basis to ensure that the largest number of potential buyers are aware of our farms for sale.

Cooperation with Other Brokers - We cooperate with other brokers, maximizing exposure to potential buyers.

Staying at the Forefront of Agricultural Real Estate

In order to offer you the best service, we stay knowledgeable of the trends and information in the industry. We know how important it is to be informed about the latest:

  • land values and the driving forces behind trends in values
  • supply and demand issues
  • taxes for buyers and sellers and their influence on the market
  • gross income, expenses and net returns
  • interest rates and inflation
  • ownership and lease options, including crop share and cash rent
  • possible risks and minimizing exposure
  • government programs and their effects
  • soil productivity and conservation

Our farm management and appraisal experience lends an additional level of expertise in evaluating farm properties