We provide customized agricultural services for the unique requirements of those organizations that hold farmland as Trust assets for the benefit of others or act as the landowner’s agent. We specialize in the management, real estate brokerage, and appraisal of farmland assets. With the rapidly changing agricultural investment and financial world, experience and expertise are invaluable in the management and evaluation of agricultural investments.

Farm Management Benefits

Limit liability – our only focus is on agriculture and we keep current on the rapid changes in our industry

Reduce time commitment of your staff – allow them to concentrate on the organization’s goals and objectives

Government agriculture programs – analyze ever-changing programs to maximize benefits

No conflict of interest – Professional Farm Managers represent landowners without the inherent conflict of interest of a tenant farmer

Optimize farmland return – we evaluate the entire land holding from lease type to long term improvements


We have three State Certified General Appraisers with extensive experience in appraising agricultural properties who can also provide valuation services for land in trusts.

Real Estate Brokerage

We are active in sales, purchases, exchanges and auctions of agricultural properties. We can help you evaluate your portfolio and make recommendations on those properties that most closely meet your goals and objectives and those properties that would be more prudent to liquidate. We analyze each farm property’s potential for appreciation, income, rate of return, and numerous other factors.